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Why should you buy organic vs. conventional cotton? There are so many reasons that you probably never knew, we’d like to let you in on some real facts and give you some insight into the organic industry and why it’s the natural choice for you and your baby.

Organic Cotton is the cloth of the future! Organic cotton is not only better for our bodies but better for our environment. It makes a world of difference in the health and comfort of our babies, especially those with allergies, asthma, or multiple chemical sensitivities. Your baby can enjoy the purest softness, comfort and strength of cotton while diminishing the harm to our environment because what is toxic to you, is 15 times more toxic to a baby.

The amount of pesticides used in the U.S. to grow conventional cotton is an obscene amount; one third of a pound of chemicals is used to grow enough cotton for one t-shirt. Not only do these synthetic pesticides pollute our air, water and soil, but they jeopardize our future. The conventional cotton farming takes an astonishing amount of the responsibility for contaminating our planet by using a full quarter of the pesticides worldwide. People are consuming foods that contain cottonseed oil which is extracted from the seeds of a cotton plant that has been sprayed with some of the most toxic pesticides. Twenty thousand deaths can be accredited to poisoning by farming pesticides; three million people suffer from chronic health problems reported by The World Health Organization. We know it’s alarming!

There are many harmful chemicals that people do not know about. Twelve of these chemicals are known as persistent organic pollutants or POPs, they are the most hazardous of all man-made products or wastes that cause deaths, birth defects and diseases among humans and animals. They are so dangerous that 120 nations agreed at a United Nations Environment Programme conference to outlaw them. Of the 151 signatories to the convention 98 states have ratified it; sadly the United States and Russia have not yet done so. There are three of those chemicals used in cotton manufacturing.

The biggest problem starts right in the cotton fields. The pesticides and chemicals used to spray conventional cotton crops creep into the air and soil, the ground water eventually then spreads to farms creating long-standing health threats to farmers, laborers and the community.

Many people believe that we should not ingest pesticides into our bodies, but haven’t figured out that we shouldn’t put them on our bodies either. What many people don’t know about conventional cotton is that besides being grown with tons of chemicals that it is then subjected to abundant chemical baths and treatments when the fabric is loomed and prepared for cutting. Furthermore, cotton is usually dyed and these dyes can contain heavy metals.

By choosing to wear and buy organic cotton baby clothing we are spreading the word thru our family and to our friends and helping to raise global knowledge about the benefits of choosing to go organic. Let’s take back what is rightfully ours and do our small part to save our planet.

When searchin for organic or healthier ways of living look for words like: eco friendly, green, eco conscious, environmentally friendly, carbon footprint, sustainable living, organic and many more are popping up.

Our fabrics are knitted and woven here in the US, using organic cotton which is SKAL certified and grown in the US or in other countries. All garment construction is done by WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) in Colorado.

The organic "color grown" cotton used in our clothing was originally grown in North Carolina and Texas and we are very sad to say, we've been informed that we may not have the same truly wholesome cotton again for some time. Until and if American farmers decide that there really is a market for that incredible, chemical free textile, the color grown sage green cotton will not be available. Farmers had committed their farms to this very demanding crop but unfortunately were not met with a financial outcome to allow for the continued expense and efforts involved with the rigid
demands associated with organic farming practices. Water usage, pest control, weed control, along with the issues involving cross-contamination, hybrid rights, market demand, etc. with this type of environmentally friendly farming outweighed the profit and practicality of continuing this route.

The need for this type of farming is a complicated issue on many levels, with a very positive, environmental impact. The world can only benefit from this sort of
significant effort to "go green!". Since global warming has become a world wide threat, more people have begun to take a serious interest on the impact it's having and perhaps positive environmental advancements and changes will continue to improve our world for future generations.

While the price of organic products are still higher then simliar, conventional products, we do our best to keep prices down and still stay in business. We hope you agree that improving our environment for our children's future is worth the little bit extra it can cost right now.

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