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      Tips For Cleaning Your Cloth Face Masks

      Mask regulations are everywhere these days, and the soft cloth face mask is definitely a normal thing to see on people young and old.

      They’re there to help keep us safe during the coronavirus pandemic but they also need to be kept clean and hygienic to do their job properly. Many people wear their masks again and again without proper sterilization in between.

      1. Wash Daily

      The CDC says that how often you wash a mask will depend on how often you use it and for how long. You also need to consider where you’ve been wearing it. If you think someone may have coughed or sneezed near you, or you were in close proximity to other people, you should remove the mask safely when you can and put it in the wash.

      If you only wore the mask briefly, you can probably get away with hanging it up safely in your home and wearing it again another day. However, a good rule of thumb is to put any cloth mask straight into the wash at the end of the day and where a clean one the next day.

      2. Check The Filters

      If your mask has filters, make sure you check the washing instructions on it before you go to clean your mask.

      Disposable filters such as coffee filters should not be washed and should be thrown away once you’ve used them once. HVAC filters can be washed and used again but they aren’t likely to be as effective after washing.

      3. Use Regular Laundry Detergent

      It’s perfectly acceptable to use your regular laundry detergent on your fabric masks. This will do the job of getting rid of all the germs and any nasties the mask may have picked up. You can put the masks in with your usual laundry – either in a machine or in your handwashing.

      It’s best to just check if the mask has any wires for the nose bridge before putting it in the washing machine. It’s better to handwash those. The same goes for any fabrics that have patterns or designs sewn on that might not stand up to the strength of the washing machine.

      4. Put It In A Hot Wash

      The coronavirus can’t hold up against heat. This is why it’s best to wash your masks in the highest possible heat you can.

      Of course, it’s also good to make sure you aren’t going too high in temperature for the fabric that the mask is made of. You don’t want the fabric to degrade as the mask will be less effective then.

      5. Get Some Sunshine On It

      Another great way to kill of the disease and any other germs that survived the wash is to put your mask out to dry in the sunshine while you play at

      The fresh air and the UV rays will get to work on the virus and other unwanted germs.

      6. Use A High Heat For Drying

      If air drying in the sunshine isn’t possible, you can throw your mask in your dryer at as high a temperature as is suitable for the fabric. This will do the same job as the sunshine.