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      Escapist Rom Coms You Will Love!

      If there is one genre of movie that is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, it has to be the rom-com. Although you know the way that the movie will pan out (in other words, that they will get together in the end – despite what happens) we all still watch it because we want to feel good about ourselves.

      In this article, we will have a look at some of the best rom coms from across the decades that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and perhaps even a tear of joy) when the final credits start to roll…

      Pretty Woman (1990)

      We start off our look at the best rom coms of all time with Pretty Woman. Directed by Garry Marshall and starring Richard Gere as well as Julia Roberts in the lead roles, this film follows the story of Vivienne. She is a prostitute and is picked up by Edward (who Gere plays) on Hollywood Boulevard.  He doesn’t pick her up for her ‘services’ but asks for her help in driving the manual transmission car that he is attempting to drive.

      When they arrive at the Beverly Wilshire, he hires her for the night and the next morning Edward offers Vivienne $3 000 to accompany him to various social engagements during the week. But what he does not bank on is falling in love with her.

      This movie is all fairy tale and we can even recognise some characters from our favourite tales – such as the stepsisters from Cinderella in the form of the shop assistants at the boutique in Rodeo Drive. We are not going to tell you how it turns out (well, you have probably guessed it…) but seeing how it unfolds is part of the magic that is this movie, just as when you play now online!

      Dirty Dancing (1987)

      Going back three years, Dirty Dancing is another classic that lovers of romcoms will absolutely adore and be singing along to the iconic songs.

      Set in the 60s, at a resort in the Catskills Mountains, this film follows the story of Frances Houseman, who is nicknamed Baby. She is curious and rather than taking part in the usual activities for guests. She explores the behind-the-scenes of Kellerman’s (which is the name of the resort).

      Baby first sees Johnny Castle, who is the ballroom dancing instructor, when she spies on the owner of the resort – Max – belittling the staff. She then is taken to one of the staff’s ‘dirty dancing’ sessions where she gets to dance with Johnny.

      When Johnny’s partner (Penny) falls pregnant and goes for an abortion, Baby steps in and Johnny starts teaching her the moves. They start to develop feelings for each other and, well, we are not going to tell you what happens next – you have to watch the movie!

      These two movies are classic rom coms and although they were made just over 30 years ago, they are still as watchable as they were when they were first made.