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      How To Power Through The Winter Blues

      Winter’s once again here and that means we’re in for colder mornings, darker evenings and – of course – a wave of colds and flu that’s set to take your family by storm. When added to the pressures of the current pandemic, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed.

      Finding a way to reduce the risk of a sniffles attack and keep your family healthy needs to become a priority – without ruining the beautiful winter season.

      Even with the impending germs and illnesses, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you enjoy the chill while staying safe and healthy.

      4 Tips For Embracing The Winter Chill

      1. Exercise in the fresh air – Exercising in the morning shouldn’t become a forgotten hobby as soon as the temperature drops. There’s nothing quite like a fresh morning run to wake you up and keep the blood pumping.

      If that doesn’t have you sold, maybe the fact that training in the cold has been found to burn more calories will. It’s true, summer bodies were made in the winter – so start training and burn those extra calories.

      One thing to remember is that extreme temperature changes are often a recipe for colds and flu. If you’re exercising out in the cold, give your body time to adjust to the temperature when re-entering your home. This is also why you should keep your layers on while exercising – no matter how hot you get – to prevent catching a chill.

      1. Enjoy your favourite comfort foods – The cold weather is the perfect time to brush up on your culinary skills and cook up a storm, then relax and enjoy some real money Bingo NZ while you eat the fruit of your labour. In doing so, remain mindful of what you’re putting into your food. Don’t forget to pack in those vegetables for flavour and nutrients, and wherever possible, try to use low sodium, low-fat recipes.
      2. Purify your home – The easiest way to keep your family happy and healthy is to ensure that the air you breathe is germ-free. Modern, state-of-the-art air conditioners come equipped with air purification systems, but for a more cost-effective solution that’s quick to implement, humidifiers can get the job done as well. You can even use essential oils to open the airways and relax the family as well.
      3. When all else fails, create your own entertainment – The winter is perfect for binging your favourite series or finally reading that book that has been gathering dust on your nightstand. Now, we’re not telling you to become a lazy couch potato but there’s no denying the appeal of a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

      Don’t Be Sad, Don’t Be Blue

      When it comes to potential winter gloom, it’s all about finding the silver lining. Whether it’s the additional calories burnt during a chilly morning workout or channelling your inner MasterChef to create the ultimate winter feast, there’s a lot that can be done to beat the winter blues.