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      The Most Affordable Cities To Travel To

      There are thousands of cities spread across the world, and each one is unique in its own way. Anyone who has a passion for travelling will want to make sure that they see some of the world’s most well-known cities, but an experienced traveller will also know that some cities tend to cost a lot more to visit than others.

      That’s why it can be worth the time and effort to try and see some of the cheaper cities dotted across the globe. These are destinations that won’t break the bank but can still provide valuable insight into the cultures and peoples that are living there.

      1. Bangkok – Thailand

      The capital of the incredible country of Thailand, Bangkok is a must-see for anyone that’s touring Southeast Asia. It’s often regarded as one of the cheapest cities in the world to both visit and live in. It would take a lifetime to do and see everything that the city has to offer. There are always new markets to explore, temples to visit, Thai street food, and so much more. Travellers visiting the city for the first time are almost always blown away by how much cheaper it is compared to most other cities around the world.

      1. Hanoi – Vietnam

      Vietnam isn’t too far behind Thailand in terms of the cost involved in visiting, and the city of Hanoi is a great stopping point for anyone within the region. It’s arguably the cheapest city in the country to visit and live and offers a great range of different sights to see. On top of that, Hanoi is something of a multicultural hub, meaning that travellers will be able to experience a multitude of different foods, cultures, architecture, nightlife, and so much more. Make sure to stop by Hanoi while in Southeast Asia, it’s worth the time.

      1. Cusco – Peru

      Cusco is most often associated as being the gateway destination to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, a truly incredible memorable place to visit. But there’s no reason that a traveller shouldn’t always spend some time in Cusco itself, as there’s plenty to keep busy with.

      A rather relaxed and laid-back city that’s surrounded by mountains and hills, Cusco is among the oldest cities on the South American continent and boasts many generations of culture. Peruvian food stalls are a must, and when the traveller has exhausted their list of things to do, they can always tour the ancient sites that surround the city, or just chill at their hostel or hotel and watch local television or keep up to date with the latest NZ online roulette casino games.

      1. Quito – Ecuador

      Another great city within South America is Quito, which can be found in the country of Ecuador. It’s the perfect place to begin an adventure of Ecuador, a country overflowing with wild areas, wildlife, and unique towns and villages. The city of Quito is cheap to visit, with affordable public transport, making it easy to get around and see everything there is to see.