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      Healthy Teas for Any Time of Day – There are many healthy teas that you can enjoy at any time of day and to suit almost any mood. You can even grow your own. Most herbal teas are drunk without milk. And many of these teas also make great iced tea for a tasty summer drink.


      Mint, spearmint and peppermint can help improve mental focus and alertness by relieving fatigue and relaxing your muscles. Mint teas have the added benefit of providing you with minty fresh breath.

      Mint makes a tasty addition to many other herbal teas adding its distinct tang to round out a flavour.


      This well-know anxiety and tension relieving tea also contains several active substances that have anti-inflammatory properties. Often enjoyed with honey instead of sugar, others prefer adding some lemon juice for a tart citrus edge.

      Green Tea and Matcha

      Green tea contains a remarkable bundle of potentially healthy benefits. Green tea contains high-levels of antioxidants along with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances. It also contains caffeine for a good pick-me-up that is balanced with another of its active ingredients, L-theanine, which moderates caffeine’s effects.

      For those who find the taste of green tea too strong but still want to drink it, try Jasmine tea. The addition of jasmine moderates the flavour very well.

      For a stronger caffeine kick try Matcha. Matcha is a type of green tea that differs in that it is grown in the shade, which enhances its inherent caffeine level and is sold as a powder rather than dried leaves so you are ingesting the powdered leaves when drinking it.


      With its unique spicy bite, ginger tea is also rich in antioxidants.  Ginger has also been known to increase dopamine and serotonin levels and thereby assist in relieving stress.

      If you find the taste too spicy, try adding some honey for a wonderfully warming tea. Adding a bit of ginger to other herbal teas is a wonderful way to add some warmth and spice to their taste.


      Sometimes sold as Red Bush tea, this native South African tea is caffeine free, very low in tannins and antioxidant rich. Rooibos makes an exceptional iced tea, particularly with the addition of lemon juice, honey and a mint garnish.


      Widely known for its uses in massage oils and aromatherapy, lavender makes a great stress relieving tea. Lavender tea is normally enjoyed with some honey for sweetness.


      Rose tea provides a surprising bundle of health promoting effects as well as making a delicious floral tea. Rose tea contains antioxidants and antibacterial active ingredients. It is also a mild hypnotic that aids in relieving anxiety and stress.

      In Summary

      The above teas are just the tip of the iceberg of healthy tea choices that are available. Hopefully you will enjoy a delicious journey into the world of teas.

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      For those who prefer not to use sugar or honey, you should definitely try adding liquorice root for a taste of sweetness.