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      Foods That Should Only Be Consumed In Moderation

      We live in an age where much of the world’s people have access to a wide variety of different foods. There are tens of thousands of franchises around the world, some offering fresh produce to customers, while others sell the ever-popular junk foods that so many people like to eat on a regular basis.

      The human body, however, works best when it’s given specific kinds of foods, and begins to get sick when exposed to too many of the others. Here we will look at some of the foods that are best eaten in moderation wherever possible.


      Everyone loves fries, and there’s a reason that they tend to be served at most restaurants and fast-food joints. They taste great, and they fulfil a specific craving for carbohydrates that our brains are always asking for. But it’s also worth keeping in mind that fries are best eaten every now and again, and that consuming them too often can lead to some problems down the line.

      One of the reasons is due to specific chemicals that form when potatoes are cooked at extremely high temperatures, which are known as acrylamides. They have been linked to inflammation within the body, and if that inflammation is constantly being reintroduced after eating fries too often, it can lead to certain disease, including cancer.


      Similar to fries, sugar has become a normal part of the western diet, and in some countries it’s truly prolific. Sugar can be found in most foods these days, and even some staples, such as bread. And that’s not a good things for the body, and while it is able to easily handle metabolising some sugar every so often, consuming too much can cause serious and long-term damage.

      This is especially true when it comes to diseases like diabetes II, which is linked to the overconsumption of sugar, and can itself lead to further problems, like loss of limbs and even organ damage. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of sugar as a treat, but it’s also worth avoiding eating it every day.

      Certain Fats

      For the last few years, there’s been something a crusade in the nutrition industry against eating fats. It was believed that eating fat led to a person gaining weight, but this is only true in certain circumstances. The brain, for instance, is mostly comprised of fats, and therefore requires healthy fats to function properly.

      The fats found in nuts, fish, and other whole foods are required for the brain and other parts of the body to function as they are meant to, and nuts especially are great to snack on between rounds of real money blackjack in NZ.

      The problem arises when people get their fats from unhealthy sources, such as hydrogenated vegetable oils, butter, and even too much cheese. These kinds of fats will lead to weight gain, and can increase cholesterol, and cause permanent problems within the body. This is why it’s a good idea to try and get fats from healthier sources wherever possible.