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      Herbs That Everyone Should Grow

      Herbs are a great addition to any dish. Not only do they add plenty of flavour, but they come packed with an assortment of beneficial nutrients. It might seem easier to simply buy freshly cut herbs at the shops every now and again, but growing herbs at home is extremely easy, and can save you a lot of money in the long term.

      If you’re looking at starting a small herb garden or simply want to grow some on your windowsill, these are some of the easiest herbs to get going.

      1. Parsley

      Parsley comes in a few different varieties, including curly and flat leaf. Both of these can be grown either from seedlings or seeds, which are extremely common and can be found at most nurseries.

      The plant can be kept in a semi-shaded area, as long as its soil is kept moist but not too wet. It’s a versatile herb that can be used in a wide range of different dishes, and works well incorporated into sauces.

      2. Basil

      Much like parsley, there are a couple of types of basil available as seeds. Regardless of the climate, basil tends to grow like a weed if looked after. Basil doesn’t like too much water, but it will grow in most kinds of conditions.

      Basil is an important ingredient in Mediterranean cooking and makes an excellent base for pesto.

      3. Thyme

      Thyme is a great plant to grow at home for a multitude of reasons. Along with being a great addition to most Italian dishes, thyme is also a well-known groundcover, where it’s able to grow down the sides of pots wish ease.

      Thyme prefers a spot that’s in the sun and is able to grow throughout the year if kept indoors. It offers a unique flavour that works especially well with chicken.

      4. Coriander

      Not everyone is a fan of coriander due to a specific gene contained within some people that makes the herb taste like soap. To everyone else, however, coriander is a delicious and irreplaceable herb that can bolster the flavour of just about any recipe that it’s added to.

      It grows better during the colder months of the year, and does best in pots or garden beds that are drained well of water. Remember to try and only add coriander only at the end of cooking to help it retain its flavour.

      5. Mint

      Packed with a strong flavour that’s perfect for both savoury and sweet dishes, mint is another herb that’s easy to grow and can be added to many different cuisines. You’ll find a few types at the nursery, including spearmint, apple mint, and Vietnamese mint, to name a few, and you can experiment and play now to find one that you like.

      Keep it in the shade and make sure that it’s soil never dries out, as the plant prefers to live in a moist environment. Mint can be chopped up and added to teas to add a zing that few other herbs or spices can quite replicate.