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      The Easiest Countries To Start Your Travels

      When it comes to ease of travelling around the world, most countries can be broken up into a few different categories. Some are extremely easy to travel through, requiring little money and not too much bureaucracy, but still offering the traveller plenty of things to do and see. Other countries, however, can quickly turn into something of a nightmare for the unprepared, especially when it comes to their border policies.

      Here we will look at some of the easiest countries for new travellers to visit as they begin their long and exciting journey.

      The United States

      With its countless first-world amenities, its welcoming travel policies, and some of the friendliest people in the world, the United States remains a fantastic choice if you’re just wanting to test the water. The dollar is among the strongest currencies in the world, and you’re able to travel through the country on a relatively small budget, with endless opportunities to make extra cash on the side depending on the season.

      The United Kingdom

      Not far behind the USA is the United Kingdom, another country that offers somewhat of an easy mode to those that are fluent in English and have grown up in a more Western country. With public transport available throughout the country, a truly exhaustive list of historic sites to visit, and it’s close proximity with Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, makes it a great gateway for even more adventure down the road.

      South Africa

      Despite all the tensions that sometimes occur in the country, South Africa is a friendly and warm place packed with tons of culture and great food. Thanks to cheap accommodation and groceries, it also makes a brilliant country to visit if you’re travelling on a budget, especially if you’re from a region that has a stronger currency. With pristine beaches, massive game parks, and wonderful inhabitants, South Africa should be on every traveller’s bucket list.


      Despite the language barrier, Thailand may be an appealing country for the traveller that wants to do things as cheaply as they possibly can. Thailand has some of the lowest costs of living in the world, where you’d be able to rent and live fairly well on a small amount of money every month. Food is perhaps the cheapest aspect of living in Thailand, where a full meal can be had for as little as $1 – not to mention that the food in the country is absolutely delicious.


      Plenty of travellers have chosen France as their first destination during their time abroad, and for good reason. With incredible culture, excellent food, plenty of history, and enough to do to keep a person busy for weeks on end, France is definitely worth considering for the first timer.


      Considered a true mixing pot of cultures, Singapore is a glimpse into what the future of all cities around the world could be. With four official languages, including English, breath-taking views over the cityscape, and an incredibly efficient government, Singapore is worth giving a visit at least once.