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      Nature Documentaries Not Worth Missing

      The natural world is truly without compare, and has been both a home to us and an endless source of wonder and discovery from the first moment we put pen to paper. Nature offers us unparalleled biodiversity, an almost limitless assortment of fauna and flora that have been adapting to the world around them since the first single-celled organism sparked to life.

      There are few better ways of spending a few hours than sitting down and learning more about the natural world and all of its amazing wonders, and these following documentaries offer a true window into just that.

      Night On Earth

      One of the more recent documentaries on this list – having been released in 2020 – Night On Earth is only possible due to the advancement camera technology has undergone in the last few years. Here, we can see the natural world after the sun has gone down, showing the activities of the many animals that only start to come alive after everyone else has gone to bed.

      March of The Penguins

      With the narration headed by none other than Morgan Freeman, March of The Penguins provides 80 minutes of soothing voice-overs while viewers get a glimpse into the fascinating lives of Emperor Penguins. Considered by many to be a classic, this documentary is suitable for all ages, and has long been a favourite of nature-lovers.

      Mission Blue

      Released in 2014, we get to follow the life of marine biologist Sylvia Eare, who has been on a passionate mission to save the oceans as much as she can. It’s an endearing story that follows her long struggle through the scientific world and her unstoppable efforts to preserve and restore the oceans that she loves so much.

      Chasing Coral

      Chasing Coral is a difficult-to-watch breakdown of the effects the human population is having on coral reefs around the world, and why they continue to grow smaller with every passing year. There is a message of hope that can be found within, as the director, Jeff Orlowski, highlights many of the conservation efforts that are underway to rehabilitate the coral reefs that have been lost so far.

      Blue Planet II

      Famous naturalist David Attenborough lends his well-known voice to this epic documentary, once that focuses almost solely on the oceans and the spectacular diversity of life that inhabit them. With camera work that’s second to none and a score by excellent composer Hans Zimmer, Blue Planet II is a moving overview on what makes our oceans truly unique, and it’s that anyone with a love of the sea should play now.


      Although this is considered one of the more difficult documentaries to watch, as it puts most of the focus on the treatment that oceanic animals receive while in captivity, it remains extremely interesting to watch, while also laying the ground for much of the action against the entertainment aquarium industry. Here, we see how orcas live diminished lives while having to perform for the audiences that come to see them.