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      Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades

      It’s the heart of your home and the one place that guests always get to see. You also spend a lot of time in there, and consequently, pick up on little things that could use updating or changing.

      Whether you’ve just bought a house and want to give it some of your personality or have lived there for a few years and think that it’s time to get with the programme, we’ve got a few handy tips that will have your kitchen looking like a million dollars in no time. Enjoy these 5 budget-friendly kitchen makeover tips

      1. Adding colour is always a good idea

      It’s a simple concept that can be executed in so many different ways. Adding colour could be as simple as buying cutlery in a wide range of colours. You could even go as far as to paint the walls a colour or create a statement wall with a unique wallpaper design.

      If you’re looking to take it a step further and paint your cupboards and shelves – and even your tiles! Yes, tile painting is an emerging trend and costs a lot less than having to rip out what you have and reinstall the new tiles that have been carefully selected.

      2. Spruce up your walls

      While a fresh coat of paint can do wonders, there’s nothing like wall art to add life to the space. Consider adding posters to your walls or visiting antique stores to find vintage kitchen accessories to spruce up your kitchen.

      Another practical yet awesome idea is to add a chalkboard to the mix. It’ll help you keep track of your grocery list and help remind you of daily tasks. Whatever you decide to put on your wall, make sure that it can withstand moisture and heat.

      3. Light it up

      Standard fluorescent lighting may have worked back in the day, but it’s time to join the modern world and looking for lights that will add to the ambience of your kitchen.

      There are a ton of DIY light fixture ideas that can help you breathe some new life into the space.

      4. Spice it up

      Herbs are a must-have for any kitchen, so why not add actual life into the space by incorporating a herb garden. Not only will it add to the design and appeal, but it’ll also help you create flavoursome dishes.

      If you wanted to truly go green, you could even incorporate indoor hanging plants.

      5. Showcase your collection

      Replacing your cabinet doors with display-styled versions allow you to display your impressive collection while making it easier to find things in your kitchen.

      It also helps to make the room seem less cluttered and compact.

      Use Your Imagination

      With the likes of Pinterest constantly being updated with DIY tutorials and cost-effective home improvements, you simply need to use your imagination. You don’t need to use your Bingo Australia winnings to pay for and  come up with a showstopping DIY project that’ll transform your home while giving you the ultimate bragging rights.