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      The Best Items To Take Travelling Around The World

      Travelling abroad is a favourite pastime for millions of people around the world who want to see other countries and cultures. But for many, it’s more than just taking a vacation, but rather adopting an entire lifestyle that they often follow for years at a time.

      Long term travellers have a series of challenges that they need to face as they make their way around the world, although this can be made a lot easier by having a couple of items that are always available in their bags.

      From power banks to a capable smartphone, these are the things that any long-term traveller will always want to have as they travel on the road.

      1. Power Banks

      A power bank is a battery pack that’s most often used to charge smaller devices, such as smartphones. They don’t tend to work for laptops, as they require a higher voltage, but they’re fantastic for mobile devices, especially when there are no wall sockets around.

      They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it’s a good idea to carry one that’s around 10000 mah, which is enough juice to charge a modern phone up to three times. Power banks can also come with integrated radios, lights, and even fire starters, and it entirely depends on what the traveller needs out of it.

      2. Rain Protection

      Unless the destination is a dry desert, having adequate rain protection is always a must, and it’s something that many new travellers might forgo at first. There needs to be more than enough protection from the rain, as it can quickly destroy a person’s belongings, especially electronics.

      A rain cover for all bags is mandatory, and having a good quality poncho is also a must – although, depending on the area and the season, opting instead for a good rain jacket is not a bad idea. A small and compact umbrella can also make a world of difference.

      3. A Source of Light

      Travelling around the world can mean being in unexpected places at unexpected times, and this can mean sometimes being in the dark, where a source of light can make all the difference. Some might want to carry an electronic lantern with them, although these can be bulky and take a long time to charge.

      A better idea would be a lithium-ion headlamp, one that can shine at least 200m forward, and that can hold charge for a few hours at a time, perfect for allowing the traveller to prepare a campsite, go hiking, or sit with their phone and favourite games to play now.

      4. Waterproof Sleeping Bag

      A traveller can skimp on a lot of things when putting their gear together but having a good quality sleeping bag is absolutely necessary. Sleeping bags can be quite expensive, especially if they are waterproof, but it will be worth every cent when in a cold and wet environment where retaining warmth has become quite challenging.

      Some sleeping bags also have pillows built right into them, making them the ultimate solution for the traveller that often finds themselves without a comfortable bed to sink in to at the end of a long trip.