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      World’s Best Adventure Water Sports Destinations

      A holiday in paradise where white sandy shores meet azure blue seas and palm trees sway gently in the background while you sip on coconutty Pina Coladas, is what everyone is dreaming about.

      However gone are the days of lounging around, cocktail in hand. Now its adventure activities, that are driving people to book their next getaway.

      Learn windsurfing with the children, stand up paddle your way down the coast, explore the underwater world with a snorkelling or diving tour or take up kitesurfing as a couple.

      All of this sound extra appealing to you? Discover some of the best destinations in the world for your next adventurous water sports holiday:


      Mauritius is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Indian Ocean. This island destination offers a variety of fantastic kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, snorkelling, diving, stand up paddle boating and surfing.

      This include the epic waves at Le Morne and Black River in the South, the vast flat-water lagoon at Grand Baie in the North, and the marine protected reserve of Blue Bay on the island’s east coast.

      With all-inclusive hotels that cater to families with kids clubs, organised activities and a variety of restaurants, this is a great island destination for anyone with children.


      Rivers meet ocean in authentic Portugal. Here luxury boutique hotels are found next to traditional Portugal villas, with untouched beaches and flat water lagoons just steps away.

      Portugal is perfect for a water sports adventure with the entire family – here you can stand up paddle from wine farm to wine farm, learn to windsurf or water ski and catch some of the best waves in the world on your surfboard.

      If you are looking for a traditional escape, away from mass tourism, in a natural and stunning setting, without an expensive price tag, then Portugal is for you.

      The Maldives

      The Maldives is the ideal water sports destination, and is a long-time favourite with divers and snorkellers due to the opportunities it provides to get up close and personal with large marine species like whale sharks and manta rays.

      If you are looking for a luxurious romantic getaway that still offers plenty of adventurous activities to entertain, then you need look no further than the Maldives.

      The islands here are home to some of the best hotels in the world, each located on their own private island, with a multitude of top-quality dining options, spectacular spas, and a variety of activities to enjoy in those crystal-clear blue waters. Enjoy kitesurfing, diving, snorkelling and riding the waves at one of the Maldives’ best surf spots.


      Brazil is a water sports destination that combines culture, scenery and adventure all in one. The country’s wild coastline offers a unique blend of built-up city stays and rustic bungalow getaways in natural areas.

      Here you will find flat water lagoons, waves and sprawling river deltas, all offering a range of exciting activities for water babies. In addition with amazing boutique hotels and small family run establishments you can find incredible value for money and a great vibe in Brazil.