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      A Guide To Virtual Racing

      Virtual racing is a new, smart, and easy way to run races, whether competitively, or at your own pace, at a convenient location of your own choice, and without the need to run in crowded groups.

      Be it on a treadmill, around your house or back-yard, or any route of your own creation and choosing, virtual racing is designed so that, where-ever you run, you “virtually” complete the race by simply running the required distance along your own custom route.

      Then, once the race is completed, all you need to do is show the proof, such as screenshots from your fitness app or device.

      The Benefits

      In a swiftly changing world, amongst both health concerns and improving technology, the idea of virtual racing was inevitable. Some of the main benefits include:

      • The great convenience of choosing your own route and location to race – or simply using a treadmill.
      • Maintaining social distancing during Covid19 while still being part of group events.
      • Choosing your own level of competition and pace.
      • A simple way of creating, or maintaining, good habits in personal health and fitness.

      How To Join And Start Running

      1. Search for virtual racing sites online, and in social media, and app stores.
      2. Join a virtual running site, social media group, or app, of your choice, and register as a virtual runner in a race.
      3. Plan your custom route – or switch on your treadmill.
      4. Run the race.
      5. Upload proof of the completed race, such as a screenshot of your app or device.
      6. Receive a medal or special reward in acknowledgment of your achievement.

      Basic Tips For Virtual Racing

      Before you put on your shoes and go running, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

      • If you’re running somewhere away from home, plan your course carefully. Google Pedometer is a great tool for plotting routes and estimating distance.

      • Check the weather. Your may have control of your route and pace, but not the forces of nature.
      • Find a friend to join you. Better yet, make a game of it and get the whole family to join in.
      • Be honest with your yourself and set your goals and expectations in a realistic manner. Over-exertion can be just as harmful as being unfit, so listen to your body, adjust your pace, keep hydrated, and take breaks if you need to.
      • Pay attention to the rules. Some virtual races require certain devices or apps, and some rely on a simple honour system. Check the rules and conditions just to be sure.
      • Remember to warm up and stretch your muscles before running, and then to cool-down and stretch afterwards.
      • Eat a light but energy-packed meal at least an hour before running. Don’t eat and go running straight away though, or you’ll get cramps.
      • Always remember to keep yourself well-hydrated. If away from home, a personal water bottle is the best option during Covid19, rather than using public water-fountains or facilities.