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      The Best Comedies Of The Last Decade

      We live in extremely challenging times, dealing with pandemics, recessions, global lock downs, and so much more. It makes sense, then, that many people want to break away from it all from a few hours and just enjoy a funny movie.

      Laughter is among the best medicines around when it comes to getting away from the harsher realities of life, and there are few better ways of having a good laugh than watching a comedy.

      Over the last ten years, there have been a plethora of comedies that have come out of the industry. Many of them are a far cry from the toilet humour films that once dominated the cinema, and instead offer the audience a much more refined experience.

      With that in mind, these are the best comedies that have come out over the last few years.

      The World’s End

      As the last film of the famous Cornetto Trilogy, The World’s End once again follows the adventure of Simon Peg in a film centred around the invasion of the earth. Similarly to Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, this is a film that offers a great mixture of comedy, brutality, authenticity, and excellent actin.

      While the film does take its plot a little more seriously than the previous entries in the trilogy, there are still plenty of funny moments throughout that provide plenty of laughs, even if they don’t last long.

      What We Do In The Shadows

      This documentary-style movie follows the exploits of a group of vampires living together. Released in 2014, it’s considered by many to be one of the best comedy films of all time and it’s as entertaining as the slots Canada has to offer.

      The acting is absolutely superb, the storyline is unique, and it’s packed with truly funny and memorable moments that bring the entire film together in a cohesive way. What We Do In The Shadows is a must-watch for anyone that’s grown tired of the many vampire tropes that have popped up over the last few years.

      The Grand Budapest Hotel

      Another masterpiece from talented director Wes Anderson, this Oscar-winning feature is based on an imaginary hotel called the Grand Budapest. The story is focused on Zero, a young bellboy working at the hotel, and his relationship with the hotel’s concierge, played by Ralph Fiennes.

      Set against the backdrop of a Europe plagued by war, it manages to convey a strong message of friendship and loyalty told in a story that’s unlike any other. It’s a brilliant film from start to finish, with hardly ever a dull moment.


      By the time 2016 had rolled around, superhero films had grown somewhat dull, with recurring plots, the same tropes, and enough predictability to leave people yawning.

      Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, is considered by many as the film that changed all that – and it was a movie beloved so much at the time that it was the highest grossing R-rated film ever made. It’s a funny, gruesome movie with endless quips and plenty of violence, and Reynolds truly brings the comic book character to life.