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      Keep Dust To a Minimum

      If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep your home as clean as possible, you’ll be well aware of the never-ending presence of dust. Mostly made up of human skin cells and other particles, dust settles just about everywhere it can, and over time it can build up to the point where you and your family are struggling to breathe.

      For most people, cleaning dust involves getting out a vacuum cleaner or brush and manually cleaning it all up bit by bit.

      But this can be tedious and hard work – it makes much more sense to instead try and reduce the amount of dust that builds up in your home, which these tips can help with.

      Clean Your Pets Outside

      Pets are one of the biggest culprits around when it comes to bringing in dust. Unlike us, cats and dogs are almost always covered in fur, and fur is excellent at trapping the dirt and grit that they pick up while they’re outside, only to deposit it once they’ve come inside.

      To try and remedy this, it’s a good idea to take the time to clean their coats before they enter the house – the reduction in dust will be almost immediately apparent.

      HEPA Filters

      Most normal vacuum cleaners don’t do the best job of getting rid of all of the dust in the house, with a lot of it simply being moved from one place to another.

      This can be alleviated with the use of a HEPA filter, which is a special type of filter that can be added to a vacuum to collect most of the more stubborn dust particles. These are a must-have if you or any of your family have an allergen to the various pollens and other particulates that can be found in dust.

      An Air Purifier

      Air purifiers are machines that are designed to clean the ambient air by trapping dust, meaning that most of the work is done for you. Much like a vacuum, it’s important to only buy a purifier that comes with a HEPA filter, as it means that more dust will be pulled out of the air during its circulation cycles.

      Quality air purifiers have been shown to remove as much as 85 percent of the particulates in the air. It also means less work for you, giving you more time for hobbies, such as enjoying online slots in Canada.

      Changing Sheets Often

      The bed is one of the most prolific generators of dust in the home. Because most dust is almost entirely composed of dead skin cells, it makes sense that they would build up in the place where we spend around a third of our lives.

      They fall between the fabrics and quickly build up, and if not changed often, sheets can become the greatest sources of dust around. The only real way to address this problem is by changing the sheets as often as possible, around once a week. It’s also worth taking the time to wash the used sheets to ensure they’re free from dust.