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      Enjoy A Staycation This Summer

      Summer is on its way but it doesn’t look like people will be able to enjoy their regular vacation options once again. The world is still experiencing lockdowns in many places as the coronavirus rears up in second, third and fourth waves. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a holiday this year.

      A staycation is a great way to unwind and get the rest and relaxation you need to recharge.

      It also has the added benefit of being a lot cheaper than a holiday, with no travel expenses, accommodation or insurance needed. You just need to take some time to plan what you’re going to do.

      1. Create An Itinerary

      Firstly, you need to take your staycation plans seriously. There’s no point in saying you’ll do things without making any plans. Otherwise, you’ll end up sitting at home all week or running errands like you normally do. You need to treat this holiday time like you would if you were in a different city or another country.

      This is the time to do things like visit your local museums and art galleries, as well as take in the sights. Do some research on the best attractions in your area and draw up an itinerary to go and see them.

      2. Make Sure You Unplug

      The hardest thing about taking a vacation at home is the strong connection to our everyday lives. It’s so easy to turn on your computer in the morning to quickly check your email and then get sucked into things at work. You need to consciously unplug and switch off to make sure your focus is on your holiday and not the real world.

      Set some rules for you and whoever else is on this staycation with you. Smartphones should be on airplane mode unless you need to get hold of someone or post a holiday snap to social media. You can even have complete device-free times and only allow the checking of messages and emails at specific times in the day.

      A big one is to say no TV and no gaming. These are big time sinks when you’re on holiday and they are things that you get to do in your everyday life. It will feel very strange to cut it out of your life while you are still at home but you will get to grips with your holiday a lot better. Rather spend time at Australian betting sites instead.

      3. Wander Like A Tourist

      The best part about being on holiday in a strange place is the freedom to just wander through the streets and explore the town or city. This is a critical part of a vacation and it should be a big part of your staycation.

      Take some time in your itinerary to wander almost aimlessly. Don’t set a time limit on the explorations and try not to set any goals for what you want to find or see. Simply head to an area of town you don’t know well and see what you can see there. You never know what gems you might come across in the process.