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      Debunking Yoga Myths

      A lack of understanding paired with an unwillingness to learn is the recipe behind most stereotypes, and when it comes to yoga, this is true. Preconceived notions about the practice have been putting people off trying yoga, when the truth is, these myths are not true and once you look past them, you’ll realise that yoga is a truly wholesome and fulfilling experience.

      Men Cannot Practice Yoga

      Many people view yoga as something that only women are allowed to do when in actual fact, the practice was first led by men. So many people believe this because of the flexibility involved as well as the need to become still and mindful.

      This gender misconception is largely a result of gender stereotypes, something that is an ongoing societal issue that we need to work hard to change. The truth is, yoga is a diverse practice that caters to all kinds of people of all different fitness levels – and the more you do it, the better the experience will be.

      Yoga Is A Religion

      Due to the nature of yoga, it is often mislabelled as a religion. While it is a way of connecting with the rest of the universe and leading a more conscious lifestyle. Yoga does require dedication, but it should not become an all-compassing thing or resemble a religion – unless you have decided to incorporate it into yours.

      Practicing yoga is more than just a random class you attend when you’re bored, as with any sport or exercise, the more you do it, the greater the benefits will be. This ongoing journey of self-discovery and connecting with the world can all contribute to a more holistic view of wellbeing.

      If You’re Not Flexible You Can’t Do Yoga

      The truth is, while you need some degree of flexibility to go through the asanas, you do not need to be super flexible from the get-go. Flexibility comes with practice and a whole lot of dedication. We have already mentioned that yoga is an ongoing journey, and as such, you do not need to be a master in the beginning.

      It is a process of getting to know yourself and your body, and more importantly, what you are truly capable of. Following this train of thought, do not push yourself to take on difficult poses if you are not yet able to, you will hurt yourself. Take your time and slowly work your way up to more progressive asanas.

      Yoga Is Just Stretching

      If you want to make a yogi angry, tell them that yoga is just a fancy way of stretching. Each asana has been carefully crafted like an online casino India architecture, and it intends to focus on different body parts and achieve certain results, and while it does involve a degree of stretching, it is a lot more than that. Some athletes have even chosen to incorporate yoga into their workout schedule as it can facilitate muscle development, promote endurance, and build strength.