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      How To Adopt A Minimalist Lifestyle

      Minimalism has become more than a simple trend – with a bigger emphasis than ever on cutting down on the amount of waste that we produce as the environment suffers, minimalist offers a simple and appealing answer.

      Living Longer With Exercise

      Reasons for exercising can differ from person to person. It’s often related to training for a competitive sport, improving general fitness, losing weight and try to lead a healthier lifestyle. What we tend to forget, is that all of these things contribute to a prolonged lifespan – and we can prove it.

      4 Great Ways Of Reducing Stress

      For countless millennia, stress was a reaction that kept a human alive when in a perilous situation, such as facing down a bear or big cat. But the stress response no longer has a place in our modern world despite it remaining, and it’s left us with something of a global problem that affects millions […]